London Mauritian Football Tournament 2017

Chagos Mauritians win fooball tournament


This year’s Mauritian football tournament took Baldon Sports Ground in Eltham’s South London by storm on Sunday 21st May 2017.

The day soared with over 12 hours of strong vibrancy and sense of community. Approximately 500 people poured out to share and engage with each other in conversations, food, drinks, music and a lively keen sense of sportsmanship, in support of their retrospective teams.

The day was skilfull y organised by Chairman and Committee Secretary Girish Daby, who showcased ten participating teams. Athletico Maurice, Cosmos United, Club Des Iles, Chagos Mauritians, Excell, Herts Mauritians, Mauritians United, Real Maurice PLB, Skylark and Yaara.

As the day battled on with neo energised footballing skills and excellence, each participant added value to their teams , both on and off the pitch by demonstrating strong perseverance, skill, commitment and resilience.

The day resulted in an exciting conclusion for the semi finals. Group A Winners, Cosmos United, played runners up Chagos.  They drew 1-1 and Chagos won on penalties. Group B Winners, Real Maurice PLB played against runners up Club Des Iles. This succumbed to a similar result of a draw 1-1, with Real Maurice PLB winning on penalties and being pushed to the finals to meet with Chagos Mauritians.

The two finalists Real Maurice PLB, led by Manager Gavin Pullia, and Chagos Mauritians, led by Johnny Edmond, went head to head with a galvanising unrelentless thirst for the winning title. Drawing at an even 1-1 score at full time, Real Maurice PLB  lost on 5-4 penalties allowing Chagos Mauritians to take on the title of the champions for 2017.

Whilst there can only be one overall winner, todays tournament held testament that are winning streaks in each player, and behind each player, a strong support crew.

Professional scouts who scour the country seeking fresh talent to place in  pro English Football teams, should consider giving this community an opportunity, and come and see for themselves, the calibre of  individuals who can merit to lead the way for our community. After all, if our neighbouring Reunionnaise brother Dimitri Payet took the UK on, surely there must be many other Dimitri Payets unearthed unrecognised and waiting for that big break amongst Mauritians.

Our congratulations and thanks go to Girish, Noel, Nitia, Kevin and Ruben for organising the day with precision and heart, the Chagos Mauritian team for winning the cup, and to all the participants, on the day who contributed in building a memorable legacy in the name of sport for Mauritians. May this tradition continue for years to come.