Mauritius Open Air Festival 2018

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Mauritius is celebrated in London 2018

The magic of the annual Mauritian Open Air Festival (MOAF) broke the barriers of celebrating the finest of Mauritian culture in the beautiful settings of Trent Park, North London by hosting some of the Mauritius’s finest musical talent, ambience and culinary cuisine.
This is the most talked about and biggest event in the Mauritian community whether its in or outside of Mauritius. It’s grandeur, coordination and skillfully structured event remains unparalleled and unchallenged in it’s success.
Over 5,000 Mauritians came with smiles, national pride and love for their country to celebrate this spectacular music festival together in solidarity, love and respect. Successfully led by Eshan Badal, Gavin Pullia and their dedicated MOAF team, this event boasted a big turn out and attracted many who travelled nationally and also many who flew in from around the world to join in and embrace the day.
Emerging artistes included Tipti and Sky to Be kept the crowd on their feet with the great melodies of Sega. Renowned artiste and X Factor Australia finalist, Jason Heerah gave a phenomenol performance of his music, including his hit single ‘Kifer to pale danse’, whilst local bands SegaBlues and Jalsa Des Iles resonated and engaged their audience with their original written songs, which brought the pulsating beats and rhythm of sega to life, generating a great standing ovation.
Culinary delights of Mauritius were present with mouthwatering dishes of min frire(Noodles) , biriyani, gateau piments (chilli cake) and the long sought after Dhal Puri a great favourite amongst Mauritians. These dishes represent the diversity of which the Mauritians have lived by all their lives, meshing Indian, African, Chinese and Anglo heritage in one big hub. No Brexit here – its an inclusive package with Mauritians and this is the fundamental principles by which has seen the community soar in its practices of tolerance and love and respect for each others backgrounds. Cold Pheonix beer was kept at a premium flow, whilst a big TV screen was also provided for those who wished to watch the World Cup Finale.
The conclusion of the event was of course led by the “King of Sega”, Alain Ramanisum and his lovely wife Laura Beg, both of who performed in an exceptionally brilliant way with their originality and passion for music. Alain had incurred a tragedy prior to the event by losing his father only a few days before the event, yet his love for his music, his fans, and his commitment to MOAF, took precedence and he shared his tribute to his father with his fans before rendering a breathtaking performance showcasing his music in all it’s finest.
Our appreciation go out to Eshan Badal, Gavin Pullia and their team for pursuing relentlessly year after year to put on a wonderful day for their fellow Mauritians. Thanks to Air Mauritius for being supportive and to our local talent bands for giving so much of their time and efforts to take part in this memorable annual event.
We look forward to next year!

Malini Daby

Live Bands

SegaBlues, Original Tipti, Jalsa Des Iles, Otentik Groove, Group Ravanna

Artists and Personalities

Keerun Mooruth, Shelina Peermalou, Alain Narainsamy, Sky To Be, Lin, Jason Heerah, Laura Beg, Alain Ramanisum